‘There was a bit of hassle’ – Sir Alex recalls the two away grounds he didn’t enjoy taking his Man United teams to

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When Sir Alex Ferguson was in his pomp as Manchester United manager, both he as an individual and they as a collective were to be feared.

Week in and week out, the Red Devils were like a juggernaut that just kept going, wearing teams down and then striking at precisely the right moment.

The relentlessness and drive that Sir Alex’s United team’s had was unsurpassed and they were fully deserving of the awards, plaudits, titles and accolades that came their way.

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There were two away grounds, however, where the atmosphere and tension surrounding the games were heightened, something that Sir Alex appeared to initially not look forward to.

“I remember arriving at one or two grounds when there was a bit of hassle, but nothing really serious,” he said on A Team Talk With Legends, cited by the Daily Mirror.

“The grounds at West Ham and Leeds United were difficult, the fans were very vocal against us when we arrived, but during the game, the focus was too much on the actual game.”

More often than not, Man United would turn their rivals over, so even if they had to put up with an extremely hostile atmosphere pre-match, invariably they’d have the last laugh.

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