‘Unpleasant words were used’ – Bayer Leverkusen’s Nadiem Amiri accepts opponents apology despite racist overtones

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Even though there’s been a huge campaign to rid football of racism, some players, it seems, just can’t help themselves.

In a game between Bayer Leverkusen and Union Berlin, Nadiem Amiri was subjected to the most vile language by one of his opponents from Union according to Get German Football News.

The aggressor has yet to be unmasked, however, he has, according to Amiri, made a sincere apology, and the Bayer midfielder is content to leave it there.

“He came to me in the dressing room,” Amiri is quoted as saying by Get German Football News.

“Unpleasant words were used in the heat of the moment, which he greatly regrets. He assured me of that very convincingly. For me, the issue is dealt with.”

To be the better man in such a situation is laudable, though it should follow that the Bundesliga take appropriate action.

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Even if it is in the heat of the moment, that’s no excuse when such vile and demeaning words and phrases are used.

If the powers that be are unwilling to act, it gives licence to the perpetrators to continue and that’s simply not acceptable.

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