The 19-year-old Welsh Premier League coach who has attracted the attention of Real Madrid

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For Real Madrid to take notice of you, clearly you need to be doing something right, more so if you’re working in the Welsh Premier League which, with respect, isn’t one that a large part of the football going community keep an eye on.

So, for a 19-year-old plying his trade at Cefn Druids, to be employed by the Spanish giants really is a coup worth shouting about.

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Jordan Hadaway is Britain’s youngest first-team assistant coach, and that brought him to the attentions of the Santiago Bernabeu outfit, who now employ him, via their foundation, to deliver football clinics using the Real Madrid methodology.

“I’m a first team coach, and I’m also the Manager of the new Elite Development Squad (at Cefn Druids) overseeing the development of players aged between 17 and 21,” Hadaway said to the BBC, cited by the Daily Star.

“And it’s my job to develop players, including trialists, so that they’re able thrive in the first team.”

Away from Cefn Druids is where he can utilise his links with Real Madrid

“You have Real Madrid technology and Real Madrid sessions that we deliver to the (local) children,” he continued.

“So then at the end of the week they’ve had the Real Madrid experience and they should be playing better and in the way that Real Madrid do.”

If nothing else, the youngster has shown that the pathway to success is open to anyone prepared to work hard.

Given how well he has begun his career, it’s highly likely that we’ll be hearing a lot more about Jordan Hadaway in the future.