The red hot prank that one Chelsea player ensures gives his team-mates the blues

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The serious business of football needs to have an off button occasionally, and dressing room pranks are a vital part of keeping the team spirit high.

Sometimes things can go a little over the top, and Mason Mount has let slip the lengths that one of his Chelsea team-mates will go for a laugh.

“Jorginho definitely, he is always playing pranks,” he said to Harry Pinero during the latest episode of ‘Assumptions’ on YouTube, cited by the Daily Mail.

“We warm our boots up in like a microwave, like a boot microwave. And because he wears studs, obviously they are metal, so they get so hot.

“So he will always just walk around with them in his hand and just tap it on your skin. He will get you in the back of the leg or something.”

Although that might seem a little extreme, it probably pales into comparison with the antics that went on at clubs in years past.

With Chelsea’s form beginning to dip, Frank Lampard and his players remain under consistent pressure.

Though it’s accepted that the mood behind the scenes needs to be kept as upbeat as possible, and pranking team-mates plays an important part in that, the Blues might just have to keep a lid on such japes until their form improves.

After all, supporters won’t need an excuse to berate the players if nothing changes.

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