Catalan Government vote to allow postal votes in Barcelona presidential elections

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Barcelona should’ve been gearing up for their presidential elections which were due to take place this coming Sunday.

However, the inability for club members to leave their municipality to vote, because of coronavirus protocols, meant that the original date had to be scrapped.

Whilst that has made life even more difficult for Barcelona as it means they’re still in limbo as far as transfers are concerned, it has afforded the club and the Catalan Government time to reassess the best way forward.

According to Sport, because of the atypical situation, the Catalan Government have agreed to the request for postal voting in order that the elections can go ahead on the newly proposed date of March 7.

Whomever is elected on that day, will then have three months to iron out a number of issues, including persuading Lionel Messi to stay at the club, before the summer transfer window opens.


  1. Very interesting news barca’s board of directors, management, the team and all coaching staff needs to be removed and restructured

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