Chelsea are ready to sack Frank Lampard tonight if they lose to Leicester City

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There’s been some pretty intense speculation about Frank Lampard’s future for a while now, but it appears that the win over Fulham wasn’t enough to buy him any real time to sort things out.

That might not come as a total surprise as Chelsea will expect to crush a lower table team who are down to ten men in the second half, but they only just managed to scrape the 1-0 victory.

Goal have reported that we’re back to that stage where a bad result in the next game would be enough to seal Lampard’s fate, so it appears that a loss to Leicester tonight will see him moved on.

It appears that the board are running out of patience at the sheer lack of consistency on the field despite throwing a lot of money at the transfer market in the summer, but it does make you wonder how long this can go on for.

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Surely Lampard is either the right man for the job or he isn’t? If he’s consistently placed under so much pressure for a result in the next game then it suggests the club are looking for an excuse to fire him which isn’t a good look for anyone.

We could also see the toughest thing about hiring a club legend as a manager in that it’s so difficult to actually sack them because you don’t want to taint their legacy, but Roman Abramovich has sacked enough managers in his time to understand how that conversation will go.

It’s worth remembering that Chelsea are likely going into this game as underdogs because of Leicester’s form and position in the table, so it looks like a fascinating clash for sure.


Chelsea fans – What do you hope will happen here? Is Lampard the right man for the job? comment below 

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  1. I respect lampard as a player and not a manager, he’s too inexperienced to handle a club like chelsea. Chelsea will never win any trophy under lampard.

  2. He is not. No technical ability. He is ever confused on positioning of players on the pitch and also lacks the disposition to enhance the psychology of the players when they are under pressure.

  3. I think it’s time Frank goes, his horse shoe football is hard to watch, up the right hand side back across the back, up the left hand side, back down and across the back again, then we start all over again, up the right side, I’ve been a Chelsea fan 30 years and I don’t bother watching them, it’s so boaring ,

  4. It was too early to call Lampard for Chelsea job..look at Liverpool how they Trimming Gerard Steve..he gonna come at right time..See Xavi being prepared for Barcelona…do u think Coleman was the right person to Manage Barcelona??? So Lampard should first go back for other clubs for more experience….let him leave for.. and I don’t suppose Avram Grant coming…ZINEDINE ZIDANE is the right man for Chelsea….

  5. Please sack Lampard. Chelsea is a big club and Lampard is inexperience. Chelsea under Lampard is losing big team status. The more time you time Lampard gets, the more Chelsea is relegated to small team status. He’s (Lampard) totally confused. They’re some coaches that’re looking for players Chelsea have to get the best out of them but Lampard cannot get anything out of these players. Even if you give CR7 & MESSI nothing will come owing to his (Lampard) inexperience.

  6. Too early to sack him, but if results don’t improve they probably will, they don’t have much choice as the success of the 1st team is of far greater importance than any individual.

  7. Lampard not a manager for the now. I sincerely appreciates his zeal but he needs more time. I would like to see him later.

  8. yeah! it’s true that lampard has to be blame but their are couples of players that are so faulty in the current squad, they likes of wener, kovasic, kai, are not doing well at all.

  9. I would have thought the Board would have realised the problem before appointing Lampard after managers such as Guillet ; Vialli and Di Matteo.. They all do not have the experience to manage a big club with exceptional expectations. Lampard needs a sporting Director/mentor to support him through these times.

  10. The truth is that lampard needs more time….
    Maybe he should be giving the grace of this season…. The new players needs to blend in well…. And he should stop playing some players out of position…. Though is like he favors some players if when they are under performing…. My take is that when is obvious he can’t make top four he should be sacked… Football is business…

  11. He should be giving this season to proof himself…. Though his selections and preferred players is his major set backs

  12. I so much love and respect Lampard as a former player and a legend at that , but his current output as a manager of Chelsea is not encouraging at all. I think it’ll be in everybody’s interest if he moves on. He can always come back when he is ready for the job. cause the team hasn’t got much time to waste. this season is already lost, so they need a new manager to use the remainder of the season to start building the team ahead of next season. a loss tonight should earn him the sack.

  13. He was good for a period of time until everything turned out wrong for us. He needs to leave please

  14. lampard didn’t knows his first eleven and players are angry with he also emerging slapping during training how can those players happy with he is enough to coach Chelsea

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