Video: Roma implode vs Spezia in the cup with two stupid red cards in the space of a minute

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You can often see a manager’s hair turn grey or even fall out very quickly, and moments like this are the perfect example of why that happens.

Roma were forced into extra time against Spezia in the cup this afternoon so an upset was certainly on the cards, but it now appears to be inevitable after an absolute implosion with two red cards in a minute.

Mancini picks up a foolish second yellow so his team was already up against it, so you can imagine the manager would be encouraging his players to keep the head and regroup.

What he didn’t need was his keeper to come flying out the box and kick someone in the head, but that’s precisely what he got:

Pictures from the Coppa Italia

They still have a good 20 minutes left with only nine men, so penalties is their best hope of advancing.