Tactically inept: Picture proves how Frank Lampard set Chelsea up to fail vs Leicester City

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What exactly were Chelsea trying to achieve during their 2-0 defeat to Leicester City yesterday evening? Blues fans will be scratching their heads this morning.

Frank Lampard’s men had been on a poor run in the Premier League prior to their victory over Fulham at the weekend, but Chelsea fans could have been forgiven for thinking they could use that as a foundation to build upon.

Having been toothless and, to put it frankly, terrible against Leicester last night, the pressure is fast mounting on Lampard at Stamford Bridge, and it’s easy to see why.

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It’s not just the results, but it’s the manner in which Chelsea are losing which suggests that perhaps Lampard has taken this job too soon.

To sum it up in an image, have a look at this freeze frame from last night, with Chelsea in possession and looking to build an attack while trailing by two goals.

As they look to transition from defence to attack, Chelsea have one player in a midfield position – and that’s number 9 Tammy Abraham.

Christian Pulisic, Kai Havertz and Callum Hudson-Odoi are stood on top of each other, with the wing-backs providing the width, and Chelsea’s midfield is completely non-existent.

Is it any surprise that Chelsea are incapable of winning with a setup of that nature?

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  1. lampard’s appointment was the biggest error made by the powers that be. of cause they buckled under pressure from the bigger section of the fan base who wanted a legend and a home grown someone without considering the 3 most important factors- 1. people management 2. experience at top level 3. past achievement not as a player but as coach/ manager.
    however, it was a move that informed or taught us that there is no substitute for experience and that being a great player will not make someone a great coach over night. maradona was a great player and genius but failed as a coach. moving forward cgeksea should consider an experienced and achieving coach inorder to restore the waning fame. with lampard records will be broken to disappoint so many fans

  2. If you look at the picture very well you will see that Hudson odoi was free with no opponents but the defender will rather give the ball to Reece James to give to Hudson odoi by then the opponents would have gotten to Hudson odoi. What I think is that the defenders are scared of long pass

  3. All the entire team lacks something which thiago silva brought but has gone down which is FIGHTING SPIRIT. We need three players, one at the front, one at the middle and one at the back

  4. Here is the issue, if you watch all the top teams play they play longer transitions ball, whether these balls are played in space down the line or diagonally. when we play its sideways and backwards it takes forever to get the ball forward So the opposition midfielders and defenders sit and wait they never have to turn and defend on the run. Ziyech is the only player that even attempts a splitting through ball, but he plays on the outside. But what do I know ?

  5. I feel evn if lampard’s tym is up,julien nigelsman is a better option than the tuchels or avam grants etc.wat do u think

  6. Frank doesn’t have the confidence of his own convictions.
    He panders to Abramovitch, the youth team/ internal recruitment vested interest, and even when he appears to have a conviction (in the shape of Rice) he fails to drive it through.
    He will either limp on until his position is untenable or he will seize the initiative.
    I fear it will be the former but I hope its the latter.

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