Opinion: Chelsea’s Lampard and Arsenal’s Arteta proving why you should never really return to your old stomping ground

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The old saying that you should ‘never go back’ is ringing particularly true in the case of Frank Lampard and Mikel Arteta.

Both were legendary players at their respective clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal, and now their perceived failures in management are tarnishing their legacies.

Unfortunately, football being what it is today, there is rarely any time given to new managers to get it right, and it takes a strong set of directors to ride out any initial storm in the hope of brighter days ahead.

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For all of the heat that the Glazers and Ed Woodward get at Man United, they’ve stuck with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and now appear to be reaping the benefits.

It’s highly likely that both Lampard and Arteta won’t be afforded that courtesy.

Whilst both have been schooled in the ways of their respective clubs, and therefore know what works and what doesn’t within the framework that both organisations like to operate in, sometimes a freshness and vibrancy works better than the ‘same old, same old,’ particularly if you don’t have the players to do what you once did.

At Derby County Lampard was lauded, ditto Arteta as Pep Guardiola’s assistant at Man City.

Neither are bad managers per se, but they probably need to spread their wings again elsewhere to ultimately get the respect they deserve.

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  1. I think Arsenal are ready to give Arteta longer it would be a little premature to sack him at this stage,after all Rome wasn’t built in a day but they soon got shot of Emery so it is possible, as for Lampard I feel the same but his owner is probably a bit more volatile in the sacking department.

  2. I think your post should reference Lampard & OGS who have stayed longer in their job with nothing 2 show 4. Not Arteta who has 2 trophies in just 8 months & is just few days over a year in his position. Wrong post, biased views portrayed.

  3. Arteta won’t be sacked. He’s improved the whole of arsenal’s style of play and the overall environment within his short spell. Though he’s faced some challenges, he’s beginning to turn it around (4wins in 5 outings in all competition is a testament)

  4. I have no idea what you are smoking, But give your head a wobble. I think they have both done fantastic in their short time at as managers. Even more so for Arteta who evidently has taken on a much bigger project with a much smaller budget. Ole was in the same boat as them after his first year in charge. Infact, only 8 weeks ago everyone wanting him gone. Now he is sitting at the top of the prem.
    I never comment on these things. but for someone who is paid to write this, should not be so far wrong.

    1. It’s an opinion. And how do you know if I’m paid to write it? Clearly not much going on at the University of Hertfordshire…

      1. I think he means the piece seems a bit reactionary. Lampard has to bed in lots of new players. Arteta is rebuilding the club piece by piece. Nobody is afforded time in football and it is pieces like this that add to that. You did really analyse why neither are supposedly working at each club.

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