Opinion: Has Jurgen Klopp lost his Midas touch at Liverpool?

Liverpool’s season won’t rest on whether they beat Manchester United in the FA Cup, nor will it do so dependant on results over the next few Premier League games.

However, the Reds do need to get back to that winning habit pronto because that air of invincibility is beginning to slip.

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Such an atypical football season is seeing the strangest of results springing up Europe-wide, so it isn’t just the reigning Premier League champions that are suffering.

What’s interesting to note is that King Midas himself, Jurgen Klopp, appears to be losing his touch.

Having admitted that their current problems are his responsibility, he hasn’t sought to shirk the issue.

His demeanour in interviews over the past few weeks, however, is about as far removed from the usual cheery Jurgen that we know and love as it’s possible to be, and one can surmise that it might be a similar theme behind closed doors.

Injuries notwithstanding, Klopp’s players don’t look anywhere close to their best at present. Whatever worked before clearly isn’t doing so now.

The German has built up enough credit to be given the chance to turn things around of course, but could this be the beginning of a slippery slope…

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  1. Kouadio KONAN says:

    He has spend many time to talk, but hasn’t worked enough after the title.

  2. Tunde says:

    Yes he is

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