Sheffield United board virtually accept relegation by ensuring Chris Wilder won’t make any signings this January

It’s a sorry state of affairs when your board has all but accepted your fate in January, but that’s the scenario facing Sheffield United boss, Chris Wilder.

Whilst it’s true that the Blades are enduring one of the worst seasons of any team to have ever played in the Premier League, and if they don’t start picking up points, it will indeed be the worst ever, not getting the backing from the powers that be when there are still four and a half months left of the season is unforgivable.

According to Football Insider, Wilder has been told that there is no money available for signings this month, despite having previously been advised that he would be in a position to make two loan signings before the end of January.

By displaying such an attitude, United’s board have, for all intents and purposes, sent a message to Wilder and his squad which will do no favours in terms of boosting morale at all.

The Championship beckons.

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  1. Mikel Askwith says:

    In My view al to of the money been wasted on several players. Signing Jags, Morrison now left also Freeman sent out on loan. Wilder chased him for 2 seasons and not forgetting Jack Rodwell, all a big waste of money. Why do we need 4 goalkeepers, maybe we should put all 4 in the goal.
    In some games we cannot fill the sub bench yet we send out some of our younger players out on loan. All in all very poor management.

  2. BladeAlways says:

    Sadly who ever told Wilder those big named players was good needs sacking as all of the so called big signings have done nothing for us. We did way better when Wilder was scraping the bottom of the barrel with hasbeens and younger players who want to go forward. the like of McBurn more miss than hit in effort, Mouse thinks hes bigger than the club, Brewster so far shown nothing but he can run around chasing shadows, and the keeper well to be fair he has 10 other players infront of him who could not stop the ball coming at him, but also is way below par, Wilder needs to give the lad a rest ! say he has covid while he gets some well needed training, why does wilder keep playing players who dont seem to give a **** if he dint it would not look good for him as a manager as they are bill priced players. Wilder last season said no matter who we play we go out and have ago ! this season says things like anyone thinking we stand a chance against these big clubs is deluded ! Somethings kicked off to make so many players become so poor this season. GOD HELP US, as the board aint going too!

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