Video: Leeds star Rodrigo accused of ‘spitting’ at Newcastle ace Fabian Schar in seemingly misinterpreted moment that wasn’t noticed at all by Bielsa and Bruce

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One moment during Leeds United’s 2-1 win against Newcastle this evening sparked massive controversy, with Rodrigo accused of ‘spitting’ on Fabian Schar.

Schar was left on the floor after a challenge from Rodrigo, with the Leeds man clearly unhappy that the centre-back went down in the duel.

Footage shows Rodrigo crouching down and shouting something at Schar – undoubtedly some kind of unpleasant words – the defender than sprang to and went head-to-head with the attacker.

Rodrigo himself dropped to the floor, but the star was clearly seen laughing as he did so – perhaps mocking Schar for his reaction to the initial challenge that sparked the moment.

The Leeds man, who became the side’s club-record signing in the summer after a £30m switch from Valencia per the Guardian, saw himself accused of spitting.

We have to state that from the footage available, nothing can be seen leaving the Spain international’s mouth – neither does Schar wipe his face, something he’d surely do if he was spat on?

It appears as though Rodrigo’s teasing decision to kneel down and shout in Schar’s face has been woefully misinterpreted.

Considering how the allegations swept social media, the Athletic’s Phil Hay questioned both Steve Bruce and Marcelo Bielsa on the ‘spitting’ matter after the match, though it became clear it was a non-issue.

Pictures from BT Sport.

Both Marcelo Bielsa and Steve Bruce were completely unaware of the allegations after the match:

Here’s how some fans reacted to the moment, with this kind of uproar ultimately what caused Hay to question the manager’s on the incident:

When accusations like this crop up, we have to investigate them fully and see to it that the truth is being presented – and from the evidence available it seems there was no spitting from Rodrigo at all.

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  1. Like as been mentioned before. Had Schar been spat on he would have got up and gone to the ref. What he did was get up and head straight for Rodrigo. No pointing at any spit, just gobbing off at Rodrigo. Rodrigo called him a tart or something equally related and walked away. Jog on. There is nothing to see here

  2. Schar has already confirmed rodrigo did not spit, this needs to be put to bed two passionate players fighting for their club, handbags nothing more.

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