(Photo) Fox Sports Australia use monkey emoji for Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic fight post sparking ‘racism’ reaction from some

Fox Sports Australia have landed themselves in a racism storm for an insensitive post to their ‘Fox Football’ Facebook page.

With the entire football world being swept by the heated fight between Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic during the Milan derby that came as part of a Coppa Italia tie, Fox Sports AUS chimed in…

In their efforts to share a clip of the shock incident to their audience, they used a monkey emoji alongside some of the more vicious quotes that came via Lukaku.

This is shocking, perhaps the most alarming aspect is that for some reason someone found it suitable to use the emoji of a monkey covering their mouth, when one exists of a normal human doing so.

Fox Sports Australia swiftly deleted the post to their Fox Football Facebook page.

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Fox Sports Australia use monkey emoji for Lukaku and Ibrahimovic fight post

Here is how some social media users, most of which football fans, have reacted to the incident:

The rest of the Australian sports media should actually be pushing for answers following this, they can’t be seen to allow something like this to go unpunished.

The fact that this comes from an outlet that carry the name of one of the world’s biggest sports broadcasters and has not been officially commented on is very concerning.

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