Video: Absolute nightmare from Sky Sports as they accidentally reveal Mesut Ozil as Arsenal’s new signing

We all know that technical mistakes do happen and it’s important not to start too much of a witch hunt here, but sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Sky Sports were talking about Arsenal signing Martin Odegaard this afternoon and they went to cut to the video where Arsenal announced his signing, but they accidentally cut to this instead:

Arsenal Announce Odegaard. (SKY SPORTS) Wrong video! from r/soccer

This would quickly be written off as a simple mistake and nothing else would be said if they played a video of literally any other player on the planet, but Odegaard is seen by many as Ozil’s replacement so it is pretty funny.

It’s also taken Arsenal months if not years to finally move Ozil out the door, so that just adds to effect here too.

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  1. Tam scott says:

    martin odegaard is not good enough to replace mesut ozil the king of assist never

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