Video: ‘I will shoot you in the head’ – Final words from Romelu Lukaku to Zlatan Ibrahimovic in fight heightened by Swede’s apparent jokes about ex-teammate’s mother

We’ve discovered a new level to Romelu Lukaku’s fury during a heated fight with former Manchester United teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Milan derby last night, and it’s a chilling watch.

Lukaku and Ibrahimovic first faced off after the Inter star reacted angrily to a challenge from Milan skipper Alessio Romagnoli.

The superstar duo went head-to-head for a little while before they were separated, at which point Ibrahimovic called Lukaku a ‘donkey’ multiple times, with it now clear in that clip that the Swede also burst out with ‘Call your mother’ followed by either ‘to do your voodoo’ or ‘go do your voodoo’.

These comments left Lukaku to seek out Ibrahimovic when the teams were heading down the tunnel for halftime minutes later, shouting ‘you want to speak about my mother!’ as he was held back by many.

New footage now provides some extra audio immediately following that moment that saw Lukaku restrained by Inter players and staff, he can be heard saying ‘I will shoot you in the head’ to Zlatan.

This seems to be the last clash between the pair during the match, what a vicious note for it to end on.

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That particular moment can be heard at the end of this clip and not in many others:

The entire clash between the duo, from the initial moment to the clash when the teams were walking inside for halftime can be heard and seen here:

Pictures from the Coppa Italia and Rai Sport.

The match went in opposite directions for the centre-forwards after, Ibrahimovic was sent off after seeing a second yellow card for a challenge on Aleksandar Kolarov.

Meanwhile Lukaku scored the angriest and most powerful penalty of all time in the 70th minute, before Christian Eriksen popped up as the unlikely winner for Antonio Conte’s side with an extra-time free-kick.

Like I alluded to when it happened last night, the entire football world is waiting on the release of a full transcript of what was said – it can all be heard via the clips but it just needs to be broken down.

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