Jose Mourinho caps a horrible evening for Spurs by confirming star is likely to be out for weeks

Liverpool’s defensive issues mean that they should be there for the taking just now, but Spurs didn’t do an awful lot to put them under pressure tonight.

They were unlucky with an early goal ruled out by VAR but marginal offside is still offside, so they can’t have any real complaints on how the evening went.

It’s still too early to write anyone off in terms of the title just now, but the loss does leave them eight points from the top and Man City are hitting form at the right time.

There’s another problem for Spurs in that their early attacking swagger has given way to grinding out results, so the last thing they need is to lose Harry Kane for an extended period of time:

Obviously that’s the last news they want to hear after a home defeat to a fellow title challenger, but it might be worth taking a couple of days to let Kane recover before giving a definite timescale for his return.

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  1. Raymond says:

    Spurs three of four defenders were terrible so Spurs really need new central defender especially central forward to allow Harry Kane free to play forward and middle
    big Question Why Jose always play hopeless and useless Lamela as sub
    Lamela and Aurier must GO because they are well known mistake with pass the ball and give away

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