“No one is cheating” Paul Pogba offers an interesting perspective on Man United’s turnaround this season

Man United fans are now well versed in the players being accused of cheating when it comes to winning multiple penalties, but Paul Pogba used it in a completely different context when talking about United’s season.

Their title challenge took a serious blow last night when they lost at home to Sheffield United, but they’ve still come a long way after a poor start to the campaign.

It does look like they are playing as more of a team and some players are possibly trying harder than before, and quoted Pogba when he talked about the players working harder for each other:

“The mentality, playing more as a team. Playing much better altogether, pressing much better together. No one is cheating. When I mean cheating – no one is running less or not making the effort to come back.

“It’s always been a problem. When you’re all together it’s always going to be easier.”

It might be a bit worrying to the fans to hear that there’s been a problem with players actually putting in the effort and playing hard for each other in the past, while it’s not clear if Pogba is including himself in that accusation.

It does suggest that Solskjaer deserves some serious credit for actually building a team unit if it’s true, and it suggests there’s reason to believe they can continue to challenge for the league going forward rather than this being a freak season.

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