Video: Sadio Mane punishes some dreadful Spurs defending to put Liverpool 3-1 up

It’s amazing how often we see a goal at the highest level of the game that originates from a player not following the advice we all got as kids when we first started playing the game.

Defenders are told to never let the ball bounce, and this is the perfect example as Joe Rodon is caught out and Sadio Mane promptly punishes him with a thunderous strike into the net:


Pictures from RMC Sport and Optus Sport

There was plenty of talk before the game about Liverpool being weak at the back, but it’s actually Spurs who are struggling tonight.

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  1. Tony says:

    I don’t think JM has a clue when it comes to substitutions, and I think the reason that it all went tits up was because he set the team up all wrong from the beginning.
    I know we had left back issues but to have a right sided player up against one of the best full backs in the world is beyond me.
    It beggars belief that he’s not using Deli who BTW must be laughing his arse of right now, I’m sure he would be busting a gut to get back in.

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