Broadcasting for Arsenal v Manchester United is being taken to the next level this weekend

One of the most keenly anticipated Premier League games takes place this weekend, and this time with a difference.

When Arsenal play Manchester United, you can guarantee that sparks will fly one way or another, and with so many cameras around the Emirates Stadium, viewers can be assured that every angle and incident will be covered.

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As a VIP customer with Sky, however, the match will look completely different.

According to Sky Sports, the game will be broadcast in virtual reality via Sky Worlds to those in possession of am Oculus Quest headset.

It means that anyone watching via that particular medium will feel completely immersed in the action, with a unique viewpoint from start to finish.

As the technology becomes more widely available and therefore cheaper, we can expect there to be a bigger uptake from supporters who want to experience the nearest thrill to actually being at the game that it’s possible to have.