‘Roy Keane annoyed me a bit’ – Ian Holloway isn’t a fan of former Man United star’s punditry

He was as hard as nails on the pitch and he certainly pulls no punches off of it.

Roy Keane may be an acquired taste as far as punditry is concerned, but at least he can never be accused of being vanilla.

The former Manchester United captain shoots straight from the lip and is a must watch whenever Sky Sports bring him on board for the big games.

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However, he isn’t to everyone’s liking.

Ian Holloway, for one, is none too impressed by what he hears, even going as far as to suggest that Keane shows an anti-Liverpool bias.

“I take my hat off to all of them (managers) because I understand the pressure of how you might feel because of the media. The media cause a lot of this,” he said to Charlene Smith in association with Premier Footballers, cited by The Sun.

“There’s no fans but they’re on at you all the time at that level. There’s also a part of learning how to deal with them.

“I thought Jurgen Klopp last night was magnificent in dealing with what happened and the game and how proud he was of his team.

“Because he’s lost some major, major players. And Man United haven’t really lost any of them yet.

“I found it interesting because Roy Keane annoyed me a bit yesterday.

“He’s all ‘we’re doing well again’ and he couldn’t wait to get a dig in at Liverpool.”

At the end of the day, Holloway’s views won’t count for much in the grand scheme of things because Keane remains an incisive pundit with a lot to say of interest.

Any perceived ‘bias’ may be just that. Perceived rather than actual, because it’s almost certain that Sky Sports wouldn’t put up with such nonsense.

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