“At least Mowbray knew when to go” – These Celtic fans cannot believe Neil Lennon is still in a job after humiliation vs St Mirren

It’s fair to say that Celtic’s hopes of launching a comeback for the title have been fading in recent weeks, but they have to be considered as dead and buried after the home loss to St Mirren this afternoon.

Even if they won both games in hand they would still be 17 points adrift of Rangers with only 12 games to go, so the reality has to be setting in as to just how much they’ve let themselves down this season.

Steven Gerrard’s men absolutely deserve a lot of credit because they look organised on the pitch and you can see they have a plan for each game, while it genuinely looks like Neil Lennon simply thinks he can pick a team of superior players and that will be enough.

They’ve found out that the other teams in the league have to be taken seriously, and there has to be a genuine fear that they could slip to 3rd or even 4th if this run of form keeps up.

The fans will rightfully feel that there are plenty of directions to point the finger of blame just now, but Neil Lennon is not a popular man after the defeat today:


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  1. Sean McGinley says:

    NL is an arrogant, ignorant SOB. He has no interest in Celtic or the fans, never had as was proven by his “personal” achievement with a shit penalty kicks win over a championship side !! He has blamed everyone except himself and his boss Liewell !! Interesting ??? has he something on Liewell ? … Get Out Lennon. You have NO credibility left.

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