Chelsea fans will love this as unstoppable wing-backs provoke x-rated outburst from Burnley star to Sean Dyche

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Any formation with three centre backs will live or die with the quality of the wing backs, and it certainly looks like Chelsea could be a success under Thomas Tuchel if he keeps using this approach.

His wing backs were the key difference today as their attacking intent and overlaps resulted in the two goals against Burnley, but it also looks like just the threat of them is enough to scare opposing defenders.

The thing about Burnley is you know the players will always give maximum effort and their players will be well drilled, but it appears that knowing what to do and actually being able to execute are two very different things:

If you need clarification of the word used you can see the full tweet here.

There will be better defenders than Brady who won’t be able to deal with the attacking threat before the season is out, so it will be fun to see how other teams set up to counter Tuchel’s approach in the next few games.


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