FIFA chief in the spotlight as Spanish football supremo details top secret Super League document

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Although talks of a potential breakaway European Super League have died down a little, the notion of the competition is still on the table.

A revamped UEFA Champions League may curtail the idea of the ESL once and for all.

However, Spanish league supremo, Javier Tebas, has noted that, FIFA chief, Gianni Infantino, is actively behind exploring the opportunities that a Super League would bring.

Infantino has warned players in public that they would be banned from the World Cup and other tournaments if they took part, but behind the scenes it appears to be a different matter.

“It is obvious that Gianni Infantino has been party to meetings and hosted the club organisation to be able to work on the Super League,” Tebas is quoted as saying by The Sun.

“He has been working on it and has even been encouraging them to set it up.

“In the documents that we have related to the Super League there is the mention of a code name W01, which clearly refers to Mr Infantino. That is his code name.

“If I am wrong, I will apologise. But we have information and the facts seem to be there. I think people are telling me the truth.

“In the documents there are certain dates that are being held back for the Club World Cup, each January.

“Twelve European teams, the top five from each of the two groups, with four teams playing off for the other two places.

“It’s obvious that people who are helping Real Madrid with that were not going to be providing that data unless they knew that Infantino had this information.

“He is not against it. He thought the project was OK.

“So he should urgently clarify his personal position, to explain exactly why he was at some of the meetings and encouraged the project at certain points in time.”

The power struggle at the top of the world game has always been mired in conspiracy and corruption, and this latest scandal threatens to potentially dislodge Infantino from his position.

Sepp Blatter eventually fell on his sword, with his successor looking like he could well go the same way.

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