Marcus Rashford’s epic take down of social media trolls intent on racially abusing Man United star

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Marcus Rashford any more than you do already…

Late on Saturday night, it was clear from the Manchester United star’s Twitter messages, that he had been the latest victim of the vile racial abuse that black footballers receive with alarming regularity.

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Rather than rise to the bait, however, Rashford displayed all of the calmness, considered thought and dignity that we have come to learn are his character traits thanks to his wonderful work off the pitch.

As social media becomes more and more toxic, it’s becoming more difficult to rise above the ‘noise,’ but the Red Devil seems to manage it every single time.

His epic takedown to whomever it was intended will have certainly hit the spot.

If they were hoping to get a rise out of the player and their five minutes of fame, they picked on the wrong guy.

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