Video: Cristiano Ronaldo looks thoroughly unimpressed with Andrea Pirlo as he’s subbed vs Inter Milan

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It’s always admirable when a player wants to play as much as they can, but they still need to respect the manager’s decision when they are taken off.

Cristiano Ronaldo is almost never subbed for Juventus because he takes a strop whenever it happens, and he didn’t look impressed at all this evening when he was taken off with fifteen minutes to go:

It’s a real problem for Pirlo because Ronaldo makes it a big deal with his reaction every time he is taken off, so it really puts the pressure on the manager to leave him on the field at all times.

He is one of the best players of all time so it’s understandable that he should play as much as he can, but this might have to become a more regular occurrence as he gets older.

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