Clipper clampdown: Statement issued to football authorities over player haircuts during lockdown

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The National Hair & Beauty Federation have written to England’s football authorities questioning why professional footballers appear to be continuing to have their hair cut during lockdown.

Hairdressers across the country have closed their doors in order to slow the spread of coronavirus, yet still players are taking to the field looking as sharp as ever.

While it does seem to be quite a bizarre thing to complain about, those who are not cutting their hair themselves are quite blatantly breaking the rules in force all over the country.

While it has been brushed over to date, there appears to be some who are now intent on taking action against it. The National Hair & Beauty Federation shared the below statement, calling for intervention.

Statement via National Hair & Beauty Federation

It’s unclear whether anything will change, with both the footballing authorities and clubs unable to prove any wrongdoing is taking place, with players able to claim it’s themselves or their partners giving themselves a haircut.

It is surprising that it’s taken so long for this to be brought up, though. While players have been allowed to continue to play through the pandemic, hairdressers haven’t been given permission to cut hair.