Video: “Slap them with a wet fish” – Sean Dyche is the happiest he’s ever been while discussing lookalikes in his Burnley press conference

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Most press conferences will follow a fairly standard formula where a manager will deny any transfer rumours, give vague updates on injuries and team selection and refuse to comment on any refereeing decisions that will land them in trouble.

You wouldn’t think that a bog standard presser with Burnley manager Sean Dyche would result in anything noteworthy, but it’s actually one of the best things you’ll see this year:

We’ve all been in that situation where we find out we can suddenly talk about something we deeply enjoy in a room full of people and it suddenly becomes fun, but you can see that Dyche has been given a new lease of life as soon as the topic of lookalikes has been brought up.

It’s hard to figure out if a night out with him would be the best thing ever or deeply humiliating as the general rule of lookalikes is they aren’t meant to be flattering, but it would certainly be memorable.

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