“Get that clown out” – These Spurs fans bemoan a lack of joy under Mourinho after Chelsea defeat

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It’s almost crazy to think that Spurs were going to Old Trafford just a few months ago and winning 6-1, but it really does look like that West Ham comeback has spooked Mourinho into reverting to his old ways.

You can see that he wants to keep things tight against the bigger teams and he looks content to draw in the hope that they might eventually sneak a win here and there.

Harry Kane was out against Chelsea tonight so obviously that will dent their attacking play, but they barely troubled Chelsea at all during the game and it almost looked like they were allergic to the ball at times.

You have to feel for the fans because while football is mainly about getting results, the supporters are the ultimate reason for the game being where it is today, so they need to have some kind of enjoyment in watching their team.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like many of the Spurs fans are looking forward to games at all just now, while there may also be a feeling that Mourinho is slowly sucking the joy out of the club:


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  1. I totally agree with all the comments Spurs fans have made about Mourinho. I have been a Spurs supporter for over 50 years and I literally can’t remember a time when I watched such boring, lifeless football. This manager will bring This club to its knees,he has to go and sooner the better.

  2. said before we got moanino, that he would tear our club apart, never wanted him in the first place and can’t wait until he goes

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