Juventus look to shut down any Cristiano Ronaldo speculation with a new contract

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Cristiano Ronaldo is at that age where he clearly should be slowing down, but the stats and his performances show that he’s just as good as he’s ever been.

There have been murmurs of discontent over his time at Juventus and it often leads to questions over where he could go for one final move, but it actually looks like Juve want to keep him around for longer.

His current deal was due to expire at the end of the next season so there would be speculation in the summer, but a report from Tuttosport has indicated that Juve will shut that down early by offering a new deal through to 2023.

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They point out that he’s clearly Juve’s best player and the club are still very impressed with his physicality despite him turning 36 tomorrow, so they want to reward him with a new contract to confirm they are committed to him.

They also point to his character and how important he is to the dressing room – he did look annoyed when he was subbed in their recent game against Inter, but he could immediately be seen on the bench applauding and encouraging his teammates so he’s clearly a great influence on the side too.

It’s not clear what Ronaldo’s intentions are at this point and if he has any other offers, but it’s obvious that Juve want to keep him around for at least one more year.


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