Miserable night capped for Jose Mourinho as Chelsea defeat means it’s the first time this has ever happened

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While Jose Mourinho’s teams may not be overly fun to watch, they usually find a way to win most games and you’ll see them up around the top of the league at the end of the season.

He had an issue where it would all blow up for a few years and he would need to move on, but it looks like that timescale for disaster is getting shorter and there are plenty of Spurs fans who aren’t happy with him.

One of the hallmarks of his career has always been a strong record at home in domestic competition, but it looks like the defeat to Chelsea tonight has resulted in his first back-to-back home losses in the Premier League:

Admittedly the games were against Chelsea and Liverpool so a loss to either might not be a huge deal in isolation, but you have to think their title challenge is over after this.

It’s also worth pointing out that Liverpool are struggling just now and Chelsea have a new manager so there was a chance for Spurs to really test them and put them on the back foot, but it just didn’t happen and it’s looking bleak just now.

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  1. Please let this now be the end for José. Levy must be watching and seeing how dreadful we are and how far backwards we’ve gone. Don’t let a League cup final fool you! Get rid, I don’t care who comes in or even let Sacramento take over for the rest of the season but José has to go

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