Video: – “I went away for a jobby” Hamilton Accies commentator SACKED for crude bowel movement analysis vs Ross County

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There’s been plenty of talk about poor commentary in recent months where you wonder what they really add to the game, but this is actually fairly entertaining.

There was some silence at the start of the second half between Hamilton and Ross County last night as one of the commentators was away, so it could easily be written off as a technical glitch and no harm would’ve been done.

Unfortunately the commentator announced to the world precisely where he had been and even gave some added analysis on top of that, so it’s not a massive surprise that Hamilton have announced that he won’t be used again:

It’s one of those things where the rest of us have actually found it very funny indeed, although if you read the comments from the actual Hamilton fans it does sound like it’s the only real piece of analysis that he’s given all season so that might have played a role in the decision.