Opinion: Just face up to the truth Jose… you’re no longer ‘special’

It’s not taken long for the usual excuses to be trotted out.

The referees are against his teams, injuries haven’t helped, players not doing the business etc etc

We’ve heard it all before from Jose Mourinho.

The spitefulness in press conferences, belittling of journalists… he writes the headlines to disguise from his evident shortcomings.

Let’s be clear. Jose Mourinho is yesterday’s man. Washed up and out of touch.

Though his former side Chelsea were eventual winners in the London derby by just a solitary goal, Spurs were well beaten.

When they were looking for their manager to provide inspiration there was none.

What the 90 minutes showed against Thomas Tuchel’s team was that, tactically at least, Mourinho belongs in another era altogether.

The ‘Portuguese Sam Allardyce’ moniker may be a little harsh but the truth often cuts deep.

Chelsea were bright, energetic and inventive whilst Tottenham never managed to get out of first gear.

Only now will Daniel Levy understand that he was far, far too quick to employ Mourinho after dispensing with Mauricio Pochettino’s services.

Come season’s end, if he has any sense, he’ll be negotiating another severance package because this team are going backwards under a manager that belongs in the dark ages.

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  1. Michael Penn says:

    He has got to go bring back porch

  2. Raymond says:

    Jose should know that he did not make effort to sign new real forward and attacking midfielder last week
    I can say for sure Spurs will be above Eighth in league because Spurs has no attacking player only two Kane and Son
    Spurs is in serious trouble because they did not play attack in first half last night which is very disgraceful
    Say Goodbye to Jose as well as Lucas Vinicius Sissiko and Aurier
    Get new manager and players but it is too late for now

  3. Kulee Keculah says:

    How on earth is Jose Mourinho still being hired by top clubs despite his failings for many years now? As a manager, he is tactically extinct, yet, he keeps getting lucrative contracts while constantly failing.

  4. Frank says:

    As Pep says, “If you make excuses, you can’t go forward.” That defines Mourinho. He’s stuck in the past and living off his past laurels.

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