Photos: Match ABANDONED in Serbia as dog refuses to accept a red card from the referee

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There’s nothing like a dog on the pitch to liven up a dull game, but you don’t often see the referee get to a point where they have to start dishing cards out to any animals.

There was an incident in Serbia recently where the same dog just kept running onto the pitch, so the ref even resorted to getting the red card out in an attempt to banish it from the field.

Obviously it didn’t work because it’s a dog, and the match was abandoned as a result:

You’ll see games cancelled for a variety of strange reasons, but this has to be up there with the best.

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  1. The dog needed an experimentation of what it sees, dogs love futbol, some even play it. For the ref, he must have 2 do his job & he did it very well no questions. In Africa, folks will believe it’s voodoo or black magic.

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