Video: Jose Mourinho appears to take a swipe at Spurs’ history in an attempt to deflect from his own failings

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There’s nothing new about Jose Mourinho using every trick in the book to divert attention away from himself and the players, but it does appear that he’s getting a bit more desperate at Spurs just now.

He was asked in his press conference today about Spurs losing three Premier League games in a row for the first time since 2012, so immediately he was on the defensive.

He then pushes it further and responds to the reporter by saying never mind the three league games, when was the last time Spurs actually won the league?

Clearly that’s a bold tactic and you have to hope he’s merely trying to say that he’s the man to bring them success and to trust in the process, but you can see why some Spurs fans aren’t happy about this.

Spurs fans are very aware of their lack of trophies in recent years so they don’t need their current manager to actively bring it up to deflect from his own failings, so it will be interesting to see how that quote goes down.

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  1. I agree to an extent. 2 league titles & not in 60 years. With all the talent we have had. Clubs problems stem from double & all the Spurs way stuff. Other vlubs have entertained & won trophies

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