Gerard Pique in furious Twitter beatdown of potential new Barcelona president

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If there’s one football player in Europe that is a cut above the rest intellectually, it’s Barcelona’s Gerard Pique.

Aside from his excellence on the pitch, his outside interests include updating the Davis Cup tennis tournament, buying FC Andorra and many, many others.

He understands how football business works, the machinations behind any deals and no one will pull the wool over his eyes.

Moreover, the seriousness with which he approaches every situation can clearly be seen in his general demeanour. He’s not a man to be messed with.

As potential Barcelona president, Victor Font, has just found out.

Font is one of three candidates that will contest the elections on March 7, and up until the point when Joan Laporta was announced, Font will have believed he was a shoo-in for the position.

However, polls indicate that Laporta has surged ahead, and it’s perhaps with that in mind that Font looked to use Pique’s image in a tweet regarding the election.

“It’s time to look at the future, the past only serves to learn from as mistakes,” the now deleted tweet read, noted by Sport.

Pique’s terse response clearly hit the target.

“Victor, with all respect, these words have nothing to do with what you’re trying to transmit with this tweet. I ask you to eliminate them and not use my image for your benefit. Thanks.”

If Font was hoping to gain a few thousand extra votes, he’ll probably already realised that he’s lost as many instead thanks to the centre-back.

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