“I headbutted and punched him” – England legend reveals bizarre reaction to father’s death from cancer

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England legend Paul Gascoigne has revealed that he assaulted his dad’s dead body in hospital  in an act of revenge, as reported by The Sun.

Gascoigne is renown for the eccentric and the outright bizarre, but this story he’s told from what was a difficult and emotional time in his life might be one of the most shocking to date.

Gazza’s father passed away from cancer back in 2018, and as anyone who has ever experienced it will tell you, there is no blueprint for working your way through a period of grief.

The former Tottenham midfielder experienced that first-hand. He’s quoted by The Sun explaining how, upon his father’s passing, he punched and headbutted him in an act fuelled by emotional fragility and a desire for revenge:

“When it was just me and him in the hospital bed and he passed away, I f*****g jumped on the bed and punched him. I headbutted and punched him and got my own back from when I was younger.”

“Then I just laid there and hugged him for 45 minutes. You just think sometimes, ‘He’s still there’. Saturdays are when I miss him. But he was so dry. He’d talk to anyone but he wouldn’t talk to me.”

“I loved to take him around the world with me when I played.

Gazza continued, as quoted by The Sun,”at the moment I’m alright, but I’ll be thinking of it, the good times I had – I probably had more good times than bad times.

“I must have bought my dad about 80 cars and 18 boats and houses. I got divorced and gave a lot of money to my family. I spent a lot on houses, buying and renting different places.”

As strange a story as it may be, and it’s certainly not the only strange story we’ve got from Gazza, it’s always great to see him reflecting upon difficult times in his life, rather than going through them.

A troubled man, but a decent one, and one hell of a football player.

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