Video: Even David Moyes sounds unconvinced as he suggests West Ham were denied a penalty vs Man United

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You can easily tell when a manager is telling the truth or simply going through the motions after a game as they look for any excuses for not coming away with the win.

Usually they don’t make it quite as easy as this effort from David Moyes, as even he doesn’t sound that convinced by his own words as he suggests his team were denied a penalty tonight:

There was no great appeal from the players and there’s no mention of the incident during the coverage at all, but there might be the slightest hint of a claim on Marcus Rashford if you watch the BBC version of the highlights.

It looks like the ball flicks of his midriff rather than an arm but Moyes does suggest that his claim is against Wan-Bissaka and we need to have a good look at the footage to even spot the incident so that does suggest the claim was very weak at best.

Moyes also seems to talk himself out of his own claim by saying he didn’t ask the ref and maybe it would’ve been a penalty earlier in the season rather than it being awarded now, so it seems fair to say that there wasn’t really any controversy in the game this evening.

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