Update on Arsenal loanee William Saliba’s situation as his manager speaks out over leaked video

Most of us have now seen or at least heard about “that” William Saliba video that is doing the rounds on social media just now, but it did sound like he could be in a lot of trouble.

A recent report indicated that the FFF were going to open an investigation into the matter as there was a danger that it presented an image of French Football that they felt damaged its reputation.

The situation is a bit of a mess and that also made it sound like a ban or something could be on the table, but it’s clear that Nice do not expect this to be a problem whatsoever.

Get French Football News picked up on some comments from their manager, and it’s pretty clear that he wants to move on and it’s an old video so it’s no longer relevant:

That’s come out of the garbage bin of social media… Honestly I don’t believe it is relevant. Especially as the video is from three years ago, with how old they were then… Our position, is to let it go. Personally it does not affect me at all. I am not here to talk about this, rather to talk about the match and this progression to the next round.”

Clearly it’s not a great look for the Arsenal youngster but it also happened a few years ago before he joined Arsenal or became a household name, so it’s harsh to judge him now on the actions of what he was like as a youngster.

We’ve probably all got things that happened in our younger days that we would rather didn’t get out (likely not as bad as this), but if they did then we wouldn’t expect it to have a bearing on our current lives or jobs.

It’s clearly an episode that everyone wants to forget ever happened, so launching a full enquiry could just spread it even further and make it worse.

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