Video: Barcelona post video questioning refereeing decisions just days after Pique threatened with a 12 game ban

You’ll find fans of almost every club who will swear blind that there is a refereeing conspiracy against them, but the reality is that they just make a lot of mistakes and we all have to suffer at some point.

Barcelona appear to be trying to cause as much mayhem as possible in La Liga just now after Gerard Pique was threatened with a 12 game ban for claiming that most referees are from Madrid and favour Real Madrid.

You would think that the club would do well to shut up and get on with their football just now, but instead they’ve posted a video from last night which appears to be openly questioning a penalty call they had against Sevilla:


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In fairness it possible could be a penalty, but the Barca player already has his hands up claiming and he’s backing in trying to fall over before the contact even comes, so it’s one that could’ve gone either way.

Of course it could just be a plan to distract from the fact that they’ve run themselves into the ground with some truly awful transfer business in recent years and that’s the actual reason for their current failings, but it is much easier to claim to be the victim in these situations.

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  1. terry says:

    the refs cheat Barcelona almost every week they also help RM almost every week

    it is DISGUSTING!!!!!

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