Photo: Ipswich Town striker James Norwood strikes back at Twitter moron with an outstandingly SAVAGE comeback

Footballers getting abuse on social media has been a hot topic in recent weeks, and it’s clear that nobody really knows the best way to stop it.

The recent case with Ian Wright showed that there aren’t adequate consequences for the people doing it, while there will be plenty who think they just need to take the moral high ground and ignore it.

Obviously there’s then the brigade who think that being paid a certain amount means you should have to put up with the abuse because human feelings famously numb up once you become a higher rate tax payer, but they are just as bad as those who dish out the abuse.

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We’re often told as kids that we shouldn’t fight back or hit bullies but sometimes that’s the only language that a total moron is going to understand, so we have an interesting test case to look at this evening.

Ipswich Town striker James Norwood decided to come back with both barrels in a pretty spectacular response, so it will be interesting to see what the fallout from this is:

In the long run it’s probably not the best way of dealing with this as it will just turn into a contest of one-upmanship, but this is a pretty satisfying one to see.

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