‘Defo’ – These fans convinced Liverpool star Sadio Mane has had a ‘hair transplant’ with eagle-eyed viewers noticing rejuvenated follicles against Leicester

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Some football fans are convinced that Liverpool superstar Sadio Mane has benefitted from a ‘hair transplant’ sometime recently, with the forward’s follicles looking lengthier than ever this afternoon.

Mane has always looked a bit short at the front of his head, with the ace’s hair usually styled in a manner that saw it thrust high, whilst usually donning a yellow stripe in the side.

Today though, as our featured image shows, Mane’s hair looked much fuller at the front, with these leading spades of fans to believe that the 28-year-old has benefitted from a hair transplant.

The winger’s hair certainly looks to be distributed in a more balanced manner around his head, but there could be other explanations – like the fact he’s taken some off the top, which would make take some attention away from his forehead.

This is how Mane’s hair shaped up back in May, which was nine months ago to be fair:

Here’s how some football fans and eagle-eyed viewers of today’s match have reacted:

There were some other, perhaps more unlikely explanations for the follicle resurgence:

Mane has looked as such for some time now, so it shouldn’t be a question of the humble star potentially having broken lockdown to receive treatment, that would be very out of character and unlikely.

If a transplant has been undergone, the results usually take some time to come through, which is perhaps why this is only being noticed by fans now.

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