“Get out of my club” – These Man United fans lose it with under-performing ace after first half vs West Brom

Loads of Manchester United fans are fed up with Victor Lindelof after his weak defending on West Brom’s opening goal in the first half of today’s Premier League clash.

Mbaye Diagne gave the Baggies the lead early on at the Hawthorns, though United have since managed to level it up through a fine strike by Bruno Fernandes.

WATCH: Bruno Fernandes volley vs West Brom

It’s not been the most convincing display by Lindelof, however, who has generally looked a little below-par for the Red Devils for some time now.

It’s unsurprising to see Man Utd being linked with top centre-backs like Jules Kounde by the Daily Mirror, as he’d no doubt be a major upgrade on Lindelof as a partner for Harry Maguire, who seems to have suffered due to the quality of players next to him.

It’s 1-1 at half time but United fans are not happy with what they’ve seen from Lindelof as they single him out for criticism.

See below for some Twitter reaction from MUFC supporters….

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  1. Jacqui Smith says:

    As expected, Solksjaer picks a weak defensive spine and United might as well have conceded all three points and not played the game. He’s clueless and cowardly. No wonder he doesn’t play Bailly – he’d show Maguire, Lindelof and de Gea up for what they are – dithering incompetents. I feel sorry for the other players having to make up for their presence.

    1. Rich Gee says:

      very very true i like what you got to say bigtime

  2. Jacqui Smith says:

    *They were filled in, you just didn’t like what I had to say.

  3. Samson says:

    Am expecting utd board,woodward to buy players that want to win and serve utd. Utd struggle in the field,transfer window, when will utd get serious.we want changes

    1. Jacqui Smith says:

      I’m not expecting the Glazers or Woodward to do anything to resolve the situation. They’re breaking the heart of the club with their greed and empty promises.

  4. Jared says:

    Man u players need to be crias to win the title

  5. Lackson Mwanza says:

    Ole, lindelof ‘re not good enough for united. A poor result at WBA. I expected united to play with high intensity but they played without it. Shame to the manager! He seems cant read the game well

  6. Paul Lockwood says:

    Same old excuses we cannot defend with Mguire and Lindlehoff No Passion No leadership Neither take responsibility and of course no pace would prefer Bailly and Tuenzabe at least they will improve.

  7. george martin says:

    sorry ole not good enough if your team cant beat west brom it shows your not good enough to do the job i have watch man utd for over 50 years and this side is poor to slow playing backwords not fast enough going forward ,rashford needs to start attacking people ,very poor showing this is the first time i feel like not watching my team because there so bad

  8. Geoffrey Wavamunno says:

    I just can’t understand what these Man u players want!! If u can’t be motivated by seeing Man city cruising above u and Liverpool going a downward trend!! You guys are sincerely breaking our hearts.

  9. paul says:

    The talent isn’t there, plain and simple. On both the player side and the coaching side. MU at the moment are a mid table team who have had some lucky wins.

  10. Ibrahim jaafar says:

    Rubbish man utd,nonsense coach and nonsense management

  11. PATRICK says:

    I think the forwards should be blamed and united should spend big on number 9 and give james number 7

  12. pau@Ngugi says:

    Why Lie not to play Bailey?????

  13. Ibrahim Yunusa Maihajja says:

    Simply put; Man U need to have a good coach and very good central defenders and another good right back. The game with WBA was the poorest I have watched for a long time. Unite need to sell Michael and buy a good striker, who can also play at the right wing as No.7. Fred is not a ‘very good’ ball holding player. His ball distribution is poor and doesn’t read game, as his coach. Failure to upgrade the team, for its inability to buy Harland, indicates lack of ambition and probably little trust on the coach to manage such a big team. United drawn games against Everton and WBA will surely cost the team any dream of netting anywhere near the EPL highest reward. We are some miles away from our NOISY ‘neighbours’

  14. Samson Onji says:

    Another central defender to bring competition in position+ central stricker as well right winger

  15. Dogara Nchock says:

    Manager supposed to be sack cause if not, man utd will never carry trophy.

  16. Alusine Fofanah says:

    I’m really fed up of watching United’s game…
    I think the problem is the coach himself not knowing how to select his players…
    Marcus Rashford should be benched and give Greenwood…
    Hary Maguire is the worst defender Man U have ever signed…He is very disappointing…
    I believe Eric Bailly is better than both Maguire and Lindelorf…
    Please management, sell both Maguire and Lindelorf as they are a disaster to our beloved club…
    Finally, Man U must find a much more experienced coach like Allegri

  17. Hassan olanrewaju says:

    I think ole isn’t the right man the job. Changes will never be made until 70-80+ mins. Offload any players not performing to our expectation. We need a better reshuffle

  18. smalling says:

    drop both maguire and lindelof I’m tired of their poor partner including rashford

  19. Amos kinaro says:

    Lindelof should be sold nd give bailly a chance to play

  20. alex says:

    victor & Anthony are not to start any premier leagues matches because they are poor of form .the coach Ole ,shd be using green wood and Bailey ahead of dem .and secondly dea gea shd be man utd no2 keeper after his error against Everton last week. .ole is the problem man utd is having , he make wrong decision in team .

  21. Vicky says:

    Ole why do u buy james,bench him 4nothing, useles coach

  22. sue Bebbington says:

    Lindelof, Martial not good enough for premiership. They need to move on. OGS is a legend but not United management material. We have Woodward and the Glasers ruining our football club. Get them out

  23. don v says:

    cant argue with rubbish centre backs but what does martial bring to a game and we even play rashford out of position to suit him

  24. Obadia says:

    We need this guy #SOYOUNCU to fill thee gap if not sorry 4 united club.

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