“A stupid move to renew” – These Barcelona fans want star to be sold this summer after anonymous showing vs PSG

There are a few different Barcelona players who could take the blame for their humiliating loss against PSG tonight, but it’s the entire team that’s struggling so it would be unfair to single anyone out.

They didn’t look like they believed they would score as the pushed forward and they were wide open at the back when the Parisians broke, but that did have to happen in the last 20 minutes as they pushed for a way back into the game.

Kylian Mbappe was unplayable and you have to feel sorry for Sergino Dest who was regularly left on his own to deal with him as he broke forward, so you do have to look at the lack of defensive cover.

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Ousmane Dembele was often caught high up the field and he wasn’t exactly busting a gut to get back and help his man out each time, while he also missed a huge chance in the first half that could have put Barcelona in control.

He still has his moments but he doesn’t look like someone Barca can rely on just now, so you have to wonder if he will be sold as part of the inevitable summer rebuild.

The fans are understandably furious after the result tonight and they’re on the hunt for scapegoats, and Dembele isn’t receiving a lot of praise for his performance tonight:


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  1. Okland De Emmanz says:

    Let this stupid man that call himself coach be going we’re tired of him. He has never defeat any big team this season except juventus when Ronaldo is not played

    1. Don Skylis says:

      That true.
      I don’t think he’s capable of being Barcelona’s head coach.

  2. Gershon N Barchue says:

    Barca need to be serious.The team no longer playing like the team we knew years ago.

  3. Lunex says:

    We got a lot of problem in our club right now
    are they a footballers or comedians
    what’s this ?am sick and tired for all this bullshit
    why busquet all the time?

    1. Deen says:

      All these Content are major Barcelona problem firstly…..

    2. Mustapha Ishak says:

      Lunex pls you are entirely right to say why always Koeman, Busquet and cos, I particularly don’t understand why Busquet plays all the time, a flopped player like him, lastly Barcelona have to get rid of some material player

  4. Shaib ojo says:

    Yes dembele,greezman,legment ,Jodi Abba,busquest are all rubish

    1. Abdulmumin says:

      Those one’s are not serious in playing football again. Sell dem and buy better players, sell Bousqet, Alba, Dembele, Pique and griezman sell of them.

  5. GEORGE BENSON says:

    Finally barca is demanding great rebuild of the whole team(coach and player)

  6. Andy says:

    Sell! sell!! sell!!
    We need to sell everything even camp nou and start Barcelona afresh ??

    1. RODDY says:

      Andy you’re right. barca should sell all does useless player. It will be much better to use only La masia boys.

  7. Pietro says:

    Piqué is useless,; He lacks stamina, determination and imagination.

  8. Pietro says:

    Piqué is useless; it has been proven again.

  9. Afeezco says:

    sell busquest,lenglet Alba and griezman they don’t have morning
    to offer Barcelona just to collect pension

  10. Da vic says:

    dembele is just not serious.except messi and de jong the rest of barca team played like they hadn’t eaten. i mean they didn’t play with aggression

  11. Pzbaba says:

    Dembele,greezman,busquet are all rubish

  12. Michael says:

    The Coach should be the first to go.Barca is a bigger job for Him.He should go coach Southampton

  13. Tobi says:

    Well barca should forget about turning this match around is better for them to start planning well for the coming season and koeman should be fired Infact barca should get a very quality, more experience and better coach to move them forward

  14. Obiblaq says:

    Barca dön’t deserve coach like Koeman. He should go

  15. Innocent bathlomew says:

    Please sell dembele griezmann, alba,umtiti, lenglet, busquet

  16. Stephen says:

    Please let this man called himself koeman should go.he is not a good coach. Fire him

  17. Emmy Ibrahim says:

    Koeman should leave i don’t know why he still count on pique,alba,lenglet and busquet..they all witnessed the bayern 8-2 demolishion against us last season.

  18. Emmanuel says:

    Honestly let’s move aside from the young players i think there are good but are all scared of upsetting the senior players…. The likes of Pique… Bousquet…. Lenglent should not be starting for barcelona just take a look at how weak there are at marking a player the give away too much space no team spirit there all relaxed and waited for psg to attack as if barcelona is now playing a counter attacking football this is not the barcelona we all fell inlove with…. Koeman needs to live the job is bigger than him…. And griezman should be coming from the bench….. We really need xavi someone should just take a look at Al Sadd and enjoy what xavi is doing there

  19. olatunji samuel says:

    Barca is falling now,we need good defenders

  20. Feyi says:

    Pique busquet Alba griezma legnet nd Coach should leave plsssss

  21. Muctarr Mansaray says:

    Ansu fati is better for than Dembele.

  22. Omonla says:

    Not only dembele both pique, bousquest, grisman, and abar, pls sell all

  23. Bakay says:

    Actually i was expecting much from dembela but he could’t even prove me wright please sell him. also sell busi and lenglet

  24. Jude steve says:

    Jordi Alba..pique….umtiti….lenglet….dembele…firpo….Braithwaite….pjanic….all below standard. They make the less of stergen, de jong, griezman and Leo

  25. Emma says:

    i don’t just know what to say!! Barca has turned to old men football, busquet, lenglet, pique, grizemann and most importantly koeman most all be used to generate funds to pay our debt this summer i just hope barca reads this

  26. shenko says:

    sell all France players in our team they are useless

  27. Yazid l barde says:

    i dont thing sell dembebe is our problem,because ronald koeman is our big mistake to bring him tha club,he dont care about your goal,how he put pique .and dest in that mach.

  28. Oshiyemi musbau says:

    With a dembele on the pitch,we are a man down.nonsense

  29. Yakuba na-sayyada yabo says:

    Dembouz is a great wise

  30. Yakuba na-sayyada yabo says:

    Dembouz is a great wise and find out

  31. BATIS says:


  32. Eyo says:

    barcelona need a complete team change

  33. Solomon Awieu says:

    The like of Dembele,Griezman,Lenglet,and Pique should be bench and sold to other clubs when the transfer window opens

  34. Enizzbobo says:

    R.Koeman ? please it’s over We need young good coach, like Julian Naglesmann
    We don’t have substitutions imagine Riquii Puig, pique, segio busquets, Jodi alba, S.umtiti, briathwiate? please ?? all this players that I mention…should leave this team.
    We need strong defenders and attackers who can run faster, and scores goal Wella Barcelona is one of the biggest team in europe we needs change please.

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