West Ham United takeover update: When can the fans expect to be free of Gold and Sullivan?

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There’s no doubt that West Ham’s owners have been deeply unpopular during their time a the club, but there have been signs of things finally turning around this season.

Most of that credit has to go to David Moyes for the performances that he’s been getting on the pitch, while it also sounds like he’s taken most of the control over recruitment and that has also made a huge difference.

There has been talk of a takeover for a while now and it often sounds appealing when you have unpopular owners, but it really depends on what the new people want to do.

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We all know that West Ham have the potential to be a regular in Europe as a minimum if they get things right, but that will require a new owner with deep pockets and the ambition to actually achieve something.

The current regime mainly views the club as a business so the decision making will always be based on lower risk options that will probably work out okay while saving some money.

A report from Hammers News has looked at a potential £600m takeover after American businessman Joseph DaGrosa was linked with an offer, but it sounds like it won’t happen immediately.

They quote a source who claims that David Sullivan appears to be overvaluing the club so it’s hard to see them getting that much just now, and they also predict that the current regime will be there until 2023 at least.

If they can continue the form from this season and regularly challenge the top four then there may not be an immediate need for change, so it could come down to what happens in the summer in terms of keeping their best players and adding further quality on top of that.