Pundit airs interesting viewpoint over what charges ref should face after ‘headbutt’ 

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It was one of the more remarkable images of the week, not least because of the apparent intent that appeared to be on show.

When Ipswich Town’s Alan Judge gave referee, Darren Drysdale, a bit of verbal, he probably wasn’t expecting the towering army sargeant to go head to head with him in an incredibly threatening manner it must be said.

Quickly pulled away by the players before things escalated to a point of no return, Drysdale quickly regained his composure but will have known immediately that his overstepping of the mark would have consequences.

At the time of writing, those are yet to be decided, but the official has received a wave of support, not least from esteemed football pundit, Colin Murray.

“The FA does not need to make an example out of Darren Drysdale but instead should set an example by employing common sense and compassion,” he wrote in his column for Metro.

“Without doubt, we cannot have referees and players going nose-to-nose but that is not a genuine problem facing football today. It almost never happens.

“The constant verbal abuse and physical intimidation of referees by players, on the other hand, happens at almost every game.

“So, if the book is being readied to chuck at Drysdale, then I’m sure those calling for his severe punishment will also support lengthy bans for any players, managers or coaching staff who surround officials in numbers, or bound towards them, faces snarled and swear words spraying from their mouths.

“Otherwise, the hypocrisy is there for all to see.”

Whilst Drysdale’s actions can’t be condoned, as Murray eloquently puts it, they are understandable.

Perhaps it is about time the powers that be decided to employ some common sense.

It would necessarily set a precedent but would show that there is an understanding that every situation is different and must be dealt with on a case by case basis accordingly.

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