Groundbreaking TV deal could change the way supporters watch their teams forever

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Over the past few years, the way in which football has been consumed has been ever-changing.

From matches played on every night of the week, games in 3D, matches with exclusive camera angles, watching in virtual reality, Sky TV, Amazon Prime, BT Sport… there’s been something for everyone.

However, the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ clubs now have plans afoot to change the viewing landscape once more.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the clubs want to explore the possibility of selling eight matches a year to their international fanbase directly.

Cutting out the middle man if you prefer.

Though it’s believed that matches between teams from the ‘Big Six’ wouldn’t form part of any deal, it would still represent a sea change in viewing habits, and ultimately be more profitable for some teams, less so for others.

The impact on supporters is unknown at this juncture, but one can assume that it will therefore cost even more money for them to be able to follow their teams live on screen.

Whether there would be general approval from fans for such a move too remains to be seen.