Britain offers to host European Championships as fans expected back into stadiums by the end of May

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Britain has reportedly offered to host the entire European Championships this summer as they anticipate being able to get fans back into stadiums by the end of May.

The Euros were meant to go ahead last summer but were delayed until this year, and it could be that the tournament will now primarily take place in the UK due to the speedy rollout of the coronavirus vaccine.

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This is according to a report in the Times, which offers some hope of more outdoor activities being possible later in the year as Britain looks to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control.

The country has suffered one of the worst death tolls in the world over the last year or so, but has been quick to get vulnerable groups vaccinated, so could soon be in a better position than many other European countries to host the Euros.

It would be a big boost to have a summer football tournament here, especially if some spectators can make it back to games after a lengthy absence.

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