Boca Juniors doctor Guillermo Bortman discusses the failed medical of Millonarios defender

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Andrés Felipe Román’s move from Millonarios FC to Boca Juniors fell due to a failed medical.

Guillermo Bortman, head of the medical department for the Xeneizes, spoke to Marca Claro to discuss what exactly transpired with the 25-year-old during his examination.

One of the first questions that the media outlet asked Bortman is the disease they found when conducting the medical on Román. However, the doctor declined to comment on the issue stating that the Millonarios doctor should speak about the player.

“They have to talk about that with Dr. Catalina Chica, Millonarios’ doctor. I’m not going to talk about the player anymore,” Bortman said.

Nonetheless, Bortman did discuss the disease in question, which is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He added how many people are affected by this issue. Furthermore, the doctor went into detail about the test to discover this disease during a medical examination.

“It is a problem that affects one in every 500 people and consists of the progressive growth of the heart. When it happens, in professional sport, it is separated and continues with its normal life. This is different from the heart of an athlete, who grows, but then returns to normal. When things are self-evident, it is easy to notice,” Bortman said.

“The first examination in general and the electrocardiogram. Some are very evident. Only an electro makes one suspect. It is quite easy; in two or three hours, the complete diagnosis is made.”

The media outlet then went on to ask whether there’s a cure for this disease and the future outlook for someone like Román.

“There are problems that surgery can correct. However, there are others, like this one, that has no solution. It causes me a lot of pain to see elite athletes in this situation, but it is not the first time that has happened,” Bortman said.

Finally, one of the last comments that Bortman made was directed at Millonarios manager Alberto Gamero, who stated that waiting for Román with open arms to play a game. The medical professional went on to say that the statement made by the Colombian tactician is reckless.

“There is no case that it has been solved with surgery. Let’s think logically. There is nothing to operate on, and if a bit of muscle is removed, it will continue to grow. The position seems reckless of Gamero, who said that they were waiting for him with open arms to play a game,” Bortman said.

“If he were his son, he would indeed send him to the Shaio first. He cannot say that as if nothing else. I think it is reckless that he speaks that way when he does not know of medicine and says things like that simple. What’s more, I would say it to his face.”

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