Former Celtic and Newcastle star Ki Sung-Yeung denies HORRIFIC sexual assault claims against him from his school days

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Occasionally you see a story so grim and messed up on a few different levels, and this absolutely comes under this category.

A report from YNA in South Korea has indicated that a major star of their national team has been accused of sexual assault against some schoolkids back in 2000, but the player was also in school at the time but a few years older.

That report tries to hide the identity of the player by being vague, but some of their descriptions of the player’s career are so specific that it didn’t take long to figure out that it had to be former Swansea, Celtic and Newcastle star Ki Sung-Yeung.

It’s since been reported by the Korea Times that the player has come out to issue a denial of the allegations, so it seems pretty clear that he is the player involved here.

The allegations revolve around him when he was around the age of eleven as he allegedly forced some of the younger kids to perform sexual acts on him, and they were beaten up if they refused.

Obviously the victims in this are extremely traumatised and want some kind of justice to be served, but there are also fears that it happened so long ago that it may be tough to come up with enough evidence to form a solid legal case.

It’s a murky and horrible case that may never reach a definite conclusion, but it appears we haven’t heard the last of this for now.

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