Huge claim as Barcelona promised €250m double transfer this summer

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The Presidential elections are always an entertaining time at a football club, especially when they promises get wilder as time goes on.

It’s a fine line for any candidate to tread because ultimately you need to go big and lay out a vision that will get the members to vote for you, but you also need to ensure you don’t go nuts and start making promises you cannot keep.

The initial promises for the upcoming Barcelona elections were dominated by tales of a Neymar return but they’ve disappeared in recent weeks, while it’s important to point out that the club is skint so any major transfers could be tough to pull off.

That hasn’t dissuaded Toni Freixa from making bold claims, and Goal have reported that he’s promising a €250m spend this summer to bring two major stars to the club.

Cunningly he’s decided to withhold those names for now so that will prevent further scrutiny, but it looks like a promise that may be tough to keep.

He may have been better placed to say he would sign two “big” names and at least that gives him some wiggle room, but let’s hope he does win to see how he plans to deliver on his promise.

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  1. that is their problem they can make promises and they will not fulfill it, I hope Barcelona have a better president because a whole team as Barcelona is totally down, what a shame bacelona need reinforcement unlike coach and some other players.

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